Family: Eating Meals Together

The Tableboard company’s people and  products are dedicated to bringing back the harmony and fun of family style eating and the benefits it creates.

Even though busy lifestyles often make it difficult, eating together as a family is important from a young age. It becomes particularly important for the physical and emotional health of teens.


It brings a consistent routine back into the children’s lives and provides an opportunity for discussions that deal with better eating habits, manners, nutrition – anything that they want to bring to the table, so to speak.

1. It brings a consistent schedule back into family life and particularly into teen’s life.

2. Meals are a good time to discuss values and even get a hint of problems in your teen’s life. Some childhood professionals say this makes it less likely for teens to use tobacco, alcohol or marijuana.

3. Nutrition is better. People, children, teens as well as adults, feel better if they are eating correctly. Also, children who are eating the right food are not eating too much of the wrong foods. Girls, and even some boys, may skip meals thinking it will help them lose weight. 

4. Emotional health is improved. Teens frequently become depressed, particularly during the high school years. 

5. There are fewer weight problems. Girls want to be thin and boys want to be thin and muscular thanks to modern media. Meals are a good time to discuss that potatoes are not bad for you and a high protein diet is not good for you, for weight loss or general health. Many teens think they are too fat even when this is not true.

Family meals also help temper obesity, particularly when parents are nutrition wise. A child with erratic eating patterns results in poor eating habits which can lead to weight gain. This might lead to feelings of loneliness and to depression.

6. Research has shown that even grades are better when families eat together more often.


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