Prepping for the Holidays

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Everyone is talking about black Friday and Cyber Monday and going to the mall!!! What does it all mean? Forget about it… Whether your cutting, chopping, baking or serving, the Tableboard Company has many great holiday gifts for your family and friends.

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Iowa Traffic Jam!!!

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Breaking News:  Tableboard Company caught in Iowa traffic jam for a Whopping 8 minutes while transporting Tableboards to the Fairfield warehouse.

The Tableboard Company of Fairfield Iowa Celebrates It’s Third Year Anniversary

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The Tableboard Company of Fairfield Iowa is pleased to announce its third year anniversary.   And to show our appreciation, everyone here at the Tableboard company wants to thank our customers by offering a 20% discount on all our products for the upcoming holidays.  Visit our web site at and enter the coupon code TB3030 upon ordering.

At this time of the year, Thanksgiving dinner invitations are going out and planning parties for the rest of the holidays is a sure thing. You will be working away for days cooking and preparing for the throng of family & friends.  The food will look good and it’s sure to taste great.  Then out comes the hand-me-down trivets, serving trays and plastic plates your grandmother gave you to serve on. WHAT?  Get in the Game!!   Go ahead and treat yourself and your guests and serve them in class!

People Love Our Pastry/Bread Board

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This Pastry/Bread Board is excellent, I Love It!!!
Vizrka from NYC

Excellent and you can use both sides! You can put over your stove so you extend countertop . Living in NYC we need space! I love this product! You can use it anyware ..

This a an excellent Pastry/Bread Board
Gammy Meade from Tylertown, MS

I have tile counter tops and needed a large work area for my baking. I purchased this items and I love it.

grandmavic from Oregon
I am the envy of all my friends–I use one side for veggies and the other for dough. It sits on my counter and I love the way it holds on to the edge to give you leverage when rolling out piecrust. It is huge–but not too. Love it.

Excellent quality Pastry Board
pewlady from New Jersey

I make bread and pasta by hand and this board is a dream to work on. Both surfaces are extremely smooth and the wood is beautiful. Because the board is so wide, it allows me to cut long strips of various types of pasta such as fettuccine and ravioli. Kneading large amounts of bread dough on this board is a pleasure.. The wood is thick enough to handle quite a pounding, and the board never shifts on the counter while working on it. I highly recommend this product. A+.

See What Customers Are Saying

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Well made, very attractive!
By Sonia H. from Las Vegas, NV

Bargain Hunter, Practical, Avid Do-It-Yourselfer
I’m extremely pleased with my purchase of this tableboard. It’s a very heavy, well made product. It works in both contemporary and traditional settings. An excellent product!
How would you rank the overall product quality?
How would you rank the overall product value?

Beautiful Workmanship
By Brian B. from Lincroft, NJ

I cannot wait to use this during the holidays to put hot plates on. We also use it in the summer out on our deck. The workmanship is beautiful, it is made in the USA. What more could you ask for?
How would you rank the overall product quality?
How would you rank the overall product value?
Almost Perfect

Very good quality and I love the added workspace!
By Margo L M. from Miami, FL

Be ready for the length of it, because it is long, but I look forward to this table/cutting board getting a lot of use. For example, if I’m not using the stove (or at least all of it, I could place it (partially) over the stove for extra space that way. Or I could work on the board and then move it onto the kitchen table if I need the counters for something else. So I see this as being a great kitchen addition!
How would you rank the overall product value?
How would you rank the overall product quality?

By Debra A. from HUDSON, OH
This is a beautiful piece of cherry & maple wood. It does just the job I was trying to accomplish which was keeping hot dishes off of the dining table. This would also be great for cheese displaying too! Would definitely recommend.

Serving Crostata on the Cheese Board

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The Cheese Board always comes in handy when entertaining friends and family.  And when serving up a tasty treat like a Peach Crostata,  it gives everyone something to get excited about. Just a note, Crostata is the Italian term for free form pie.
Check out this recipe:

(Caution: clicking on image to enlarge will make you hungry)

Tableboard Co and the Waldorf Astoria Chicago

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The Waldorf Astoria, recognized by Conde Nast Traveler Readers choice Awards as one of the Best hotels in the world on the 2013 Gold List, has chosen the The Tableboard Company of Fairfield Iowa to supply their Chicago Balsan Restaurant with our world class Walnut Wood Serving Boards.

Balsan’s rustic, artisanal food is built around fresh, local ingredients sourced from small farms across the Midwest. There is a soft and nuanced touch in the preparation of dishes ranging from raw bar selections to modern interpretations of classic bistro fare.

We want to thank the Waldorf Astoria for selecting us to supply them with our USA made wood cutting boards and serving tray products and for their continued support for companies of USA made products.


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By Tara Carson

Since the 1950s, families eating meals together has been an important and beneficial aspect of family life. However, in recent years the frequency of shared meals has decreased for American families, which is causing negative effects on their health and well-being. Research has determined that if more families implemented shared meals into their daily routine, they would reap numerous benefits.

Providing regular mealtimes is important for a child to achieve positive academic performance. Children who eat regularly with their parents are 40 percent more likely to earn higher grades in school than children who have less frequent family meals per week, according to a 10-year study by the National Center on Addiction and Substance Abuse (CASA) at Columbia University.

Family meals promote good health. Children who eat regularly with their families tend to eat more healthily and are less likely to develop obesity, says the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. They are also more likely to develop better table manners and social skills, which will help children adjust.

Eating together provides stability and a point of reference for everyone’s day, which makes concentrating on daily tasks, such as school, homework and sports, easier for children to accomplish.

Many teenagers struggle to maintain a positive body image. Family meals can help. A five-year study published in the “IDEA Fitness Journal” reported that adolescent girls who eat regular family meals have a lower prevalence of anorexia and bulimia.

Helpful Tips
Treating the family meal as an important family ritual will make the experience more valuable for everyone. Turn off the television, video games, computer and cell phones to avoid distractions during mealtimes.

Sharing and conversation is important for creating an atmosphere of family togetherness and will make the mealtime more meaningful. Give each person at the table an opportunity to share a few items about their day.

Organizing meals ahead of time will ensure eating together is a positive experience that will be remembered fondly. Plan ahead. Take a few minutes on the weekend to decide on the meals that will be served for dinner each night of the week.

All family members eating together, even young children, creates a group bonding experience in which all family members can spend time together and learn from one another.To accomplish this, younger family members may need to develop the skill of staying seated during meals, which will develop as they grow older. As a general rule, according to Jennifer Ricciardi, director of the Lifestyle Finishing School in Burke, Virginia, multiply the child’s age by three to set the time he should remain seated. A 3 year old may be able to tolerate only nine minutes of sitting at the table, but an 8 year old’s limit would be closer to 25 minutes. After the child successfully sits for his allotted time, give him a special activity or toy as his reward.

Expert Insight
Many families think their schedules will not accommodate eating together, but putting priorities in the proper order is important. Time spent per week watching television and using a computer can be reduced to make time for family meals. Creating memories with family members is much more crucial than watching a television. “Most mealtimes only last about 20 minutes,” says Dr. Barbara Fiese, a psychologist and researcher at Syracuse University. “Three or four shared family meals a week add up to about one hour–considerably less time than a weekly televised sports event or movie.”

Catering to individual preferences during meal planning should be avoided because when family members eat the same foods during a meal, bonding is emphasized. “A meal is about sharing,” says William Doherty, a professor of family social science at the University of Minnesota at Minneapolis and author of The Intentional Family: Simple Rituals to Strengthen Family Ties. “I see this trend where parents are preparing different meals for each kid, and it takes away from that. The sharing is the compromise. Not everyone gets their ideal menu every night.”

Being flexible is important to making family meals a reality. In many American families, all family members are not available to have dinner together every evening. To solve this problem, schedule weekday morning and weekend meals instead. Sharing time together is the aspect that matters, not the designated time.

Staying positive is important. If you are new to creating a regular family meals and the results are not positive right away, do not be discouraged. A Columbia University study revealed that family meals get better with practice. The more often a family eats together, the better the experience is likely to be, the healthier the food and the more dynamic the conversations

The Health Benefits Of Eating Together As A Family

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By Margaret Chuong-Kim

Families are often so busy that they can’t seem to find the time to eat dinner together. If you are a parent to young children or adolescents the current research suggests you may want to make the time to sit down and share meals.

Eating together appears to hold more implications than simply satiating the family’s hunger. A study published in the November 2004 issue of the Journal of Adolescent Health looked at the relationship between family eating patterns and disordered eating among both girls and boys. Disordered eating was defined as unhealthy weight-control behaviours, binge-eating, and chronic dieting. In general, the adolescents least likely to engage in disordered eating reported the following:

 • More frequent family meals

• High priority for family meals, in spite of scheduling conflicts

• Positive environment at family meals

• More structured family meal environment The most consistent protective factor against disordered eating was making family meals a priority.

 Another study, published in the May 2003 issue of the Journal of Adolescent Health, found that teenagers who eat dinner with their parents are more likely to eat more fruits and vegetables. It seems that children who see their parents eating healthier foods, particularly during a shared meal, are more likely to follow suit.

 Think your teenager would prefer to eat alone? Consider the results of a study published in the April 2006 issue of the Journal of the American Dietetic Association. Researchers examined adolescent and parent views of family meals and found that both groups hold positive attitudes toward eating together.

 It can be suggested that making dinnertime a daily family ritual, involving both preparation and consumption of food may accomplish the following:

 • Reduce dependence upon, and consumption of, less healthy food options

• Reduce the frequency of eating out

• Increase consumption of healthier foods

• Help children and adolescents develop positive emotional and physical health

• Build family cohesion

Eating together, thinking together

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by Sahar Majid

People these days are much busier than they ever were. Adults have the pressure of work. Between school and after-school activities, children too are always on the go. Family members take meals together less often than they did until three or four decades ago. Eating separately is on the rise. When a family gathers around the table to eat together, the relation between parents and children, brothers and sisters, husband and wife grows stronger. When family members eat separately, these bonds weaken gradually and the mutual understanding reduces. Breakfasts are generally not taken together because of different timings for family members to leave for their workplace and educational institution, except on Sundays and weekly holidays, when quite often a more elaborated breakfast is either cooked or brought from an eatery. Halwa-puri being one of the most in demand form of breakfast on holidays. In the days when the entire family gathered at the breakfast table plans for the day were often discussed at some length, depending on the time and inclination. Likewise on Sundays lunches are taken together, quite often the extended families of sons and daughters, living separately, assemble at the parents’ home, giving the grandparents the chance to be with their grandchildren. Dinner time is the one when all family members can sit together around dining table, they find out what everyone did that day. Children also learn table manners and pick up family values. It’s the time when families can enjoy each others’ company.With the pressure of work and stressful lifestyle, not to speak of the continuous race against time, it is becoming increasingly difficult to have meals together. More often than not television programmes have disrupted dinners on the dining table. Every one picks up the plate and goes to the TV lounge. Needless to say, TV viewing has created a communication gap in the families. Research studies tell us two things, the first is that children actually enjoy sitting down for a meal with their parents, and secondly they are more likely to eat balanced meals when eating with the adults. Dining together is a wonderful source of learning. Children get to learn table manners, which is lacking in even adults in some families.

By eating varied, tasty and healthy meals together a parent acts as a role model for children to follow and teaching them eating habits that will keep them healthy.Conversations during the meal provide opportunities for the family to bond, plan, connect, and learn from one another. It’s a chance to share information and news of the day, as well as give extra attention to one’s children. Family meals foster warmth, security and love, as well as feelings of belonging. It can be a unifying experience for all. Research has shown that teenagers who belong to a family that eats together are not addicted to drugs or smoking as compared to families, which don’t assemble at the dining table at least once a day. This means that eating together helps the younger generation to respect family values and live a healthier life.Children who eat meals with their parents and family have higher academic performance as compared to those who find lesser chances to assemble with their family members, at meal times, says a sociologist. Eating with family helps to save money because meals purchased from food outlets costs two to four times more than meals prepared at home. If scheduling is making organised meals an impossibility, a little planning can work wonders. Use a weekend day to make a few meals in advance. Then, whoever gets home first on a weeknight can start the salad or begin heating the main dish. As I sit here and write this, I realise that it is becoming more important for us to eat together as a family. Family mealtime can become a highlight of the day and a way to build some pleasant family memories. Therefore, now is the time to bring the family back to the dining table. Sharing dinner together gives everyone a sensof identity. It can help ease day-to-day conflicts, as well as establish traditions that can last a lifetime.

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