Eating together will help your kids

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By Sharon Thompson —

Along with schoolchildren, it’s likely the family kitchen has been on vacation, too.

Cooking duties relax some in the summer because schedules are not as hectic. But now that school is starting again, it’s time to make sure family meals are planned in addition to extracurricular activities.

Studies continue to show the benefits, for children of all ages, of having a family mealtime. Better grades, more healthful eating habits, closer relationships to parents and siblings, ability to resist negative peer pressure, resilience in the face of life’s problems — all these are outcomes of simply sharing dinner on a regular basis, according to Miriam Weinstein, author of The Surprising Power of Family Meals.

The National Center for Chronic Disease Prevention and Health Promotion reports that childhood obesity has more than tripled in the past 30 years, and research shows that eating more meals at home results in less obesity.

Turning off the TV also helps. People who watch television while eating tend to tune out their natural hunger and satiety cues, and that encourages overeating. Health tips

The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends these actions, which it says can positively affect weight in children and adolescents

■ Regularly eat family meals together.

■ Prepare foods at home as a family.

■ Eat five fruits and vegetables a day.

■ Get one hour of physical activity a day (it does not need to be all at once).

■ Limit screen time to less than two hours a day.

■ Limit consumption of sugar-sweetened beverages.

■ Eat breakfast daily.

■ Switch to low-fat dairy products.

■ Limit fast food, take-out and eating out.

■ Eat a diet rich in calcium.

■ Eat a high-fiber diet.

Eating Together Benefit to Children’s Health And Body Weight Control

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A new study finds families who sit down to meals on a regular basis benefit in a number of ways.

Amber J. Hammons, PhD, wrote:
“Overall, families that eat 5 or more meals together have children who are ~25% less likely to encounter nutritional health issues than children who eat [less than or equal to] 1 meal with their families. Shared family meals seem to operate as a protective factor for overweight, unhealthy eating, and disordered eating.”

Hammons and Barbara H. Fiese, PhD. examined the findings of 17 studies on child nutrition and eating patterns involving over 182,000 kids, including teenagers.

Eating with Mom and Dad also reduced “disordered eating behaviors” — think binging and purging, skipping meals, taking diet pills or laxatives and smoking — HealthDay reports.

“We know that meals prepared at home are more likely to be less calorie-dense,” Hammons tells the news service, but she adds that communication during a family meal could also influence healthy eating. “The future direction for research will not be looking at quantity of meals but at what is making meal time so important.”

Family Meals: More Than Just Eating at Home

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When something has to give, it’s easy to understand why family meals may fall by the wayside. And yet, family meals are not only a time for strengthening family ties and keeping track of your children’s lives, they can actually lead to better physical and mental health for your children!

Benefits of family meals

According to a survey conducted by the University of Minnesota that appears in the August 2004 issue of The Archives of Pediatrics & Adolescent Medicine, frequent family meals are related to better nutritional intake, and a decreased risk for unhealthy weight control practices and substance abuse. Read the rest of this entry →

Storm-Ravaged Village Builds a Bond at the Lunch Table

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 Published: January 10, 2012

IT was a postcard village 40 miles west of Albany, and liked to call itself the breadbasket of the American Revolution because its farmers’ grain kept bread in the rucksacks of the Continental Army.

Then it fell victim to Tropical Storm Irene last summer, and the village’s most picturesque feature — the placid 80-yard-wide Schoharie Creek — swelled to a mile-wide torrent in a matter of hours. Floodwaters rose as high as eight feet on Main Street, swamping all the businesses. Of 350 homes, 270 were flooded. Fuel-oil storage tanks the size of brownstones toppled like dominoes, spilling their contents into roaring waters.

“In the first couple of weeks, people said, ‘We’re done, we can’t deal with it, we’re leaving,’ ” said John Borst, Schoharie’s mayor.
Now, more than four months later, the village has hardly returned to normal. Streets are still lined with Dumpsters, backhoes and Federal Emergency Management Agency trailers. But Schoharie (pronounced sko-HAR-ee) is holding on, and many here attribute its resilience to a makeshift cafe that popped up days after the storm to feed villagers and emergency workers. Read the rest of this entry →

Eating Together: Mealtime for Your Family

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By Wayne Parker, Guide

If you ever have time to watch some of the old family sitcoms like the Brady Bunch, My Three Sons or others, you will often see families eating together. But if your family is more like mine, there are way too many things to do outside the home to connect often at mealtime.

But mealtimes are an important part of building family ties. And in addition, there are some big health benefits to taking time to eat together.

Kids Eat Better. With the alarming rate of childhood obesity and lack of fitness, the experts in the field of children’s health warn us to avoid a steady diet of fast food. Too often, when we are running to soccer games, dance recitals, or piano lessons, dinner is secured in the drive through lane and eaten in the car. Taking time to prepare and serve a nutritious meal at home can help kids eat better food-lower fat, lower sodium and higher nutritional values.

Parents Eat Better. If it is good for the kids, it is good for us. Try an experiment: commit to eating a prepared meal at home at least once a day for a week, and see if you don’t feel better and if you have been able to keep your weight down. Eating at home instead of in the car on the way to or from an event will help you, too. Read the rest of this entry →

The Benefits of Eating Together

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The Family Who Eats Together Stays Together

– By Becky Hand, Licensed & Registered Dietician 

“Come and get it!” It may be dinnertime, but when was the last time your family sat down and enjoyed a meal together? With music lessons, ball practice, play rehearsal, and work schedules, it can be tough. Rounding up the troops for an evening meal can be almost impossible! However, research is beginning to show that eating as a family has great benefits for your children and teenagers. Here are 8 more reasons why you should try to sit down together 5-6 times a week, whether for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

 Reason #1: Communication and Well-Being
Conversations during the meal provide opportunities for the family to bond, plan, connect, and learn from one another. It’s a chance to share information and news of the day, as well as give extra attention to your children and teens. Family meals foster warmth, security and love, as well as feelings of belonging. It can be a unifying experience for all.

 Reason #2: Model Manners (and more)
Family mealtime is the perfect opportunity to display appropriate table manners, meal etiquette, and social skills. Keep the mood light, relaxed, and loving. Try not to instruct or criticize—lead by example. Read the rest of this entry →

Exciting Tableboard Review by Two Classy Chics

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Amazing Handcrafted Wood Tableboards by Spinella –Product Review

November 9th, 2011 | Author: Chris

Family dinner time is an important time in our home. As crazy as life gets, there are few times when we can spend quality time with each other. And at my house, there is always an extra kid or two around my table.

Family style dinner is the normal mode of meal time here in my household and I have a fabulous product that you are going to want to incorporate into your home. It is so perfect for family meal time you are going to wonder how you have lived without it! Read the rest of this entry →


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Why Families Should Eat Dinner Together

by Teresa McEntire

One of the 10 things that happy families do is eat dinner together. Growing up I thought everyone ate dinner as a family. Yet now I realize that is not the case in fact most families eat dinner together only about four times a week and ten percent of families only eat together twice a week. And as children get older and the number of activities they are involved in increases the meals eaten as a family decrease, just when teenagers can benefit from family dinners the most.

Studies show that families who eat dinner together benefit in a variety of ways. Eating together helps families achieve better communication and build stronger relationships, children do better in school  and are better adjusted as teens and adults, and the entire family enjoys better nutrition. Read the rest of this entry →

Family Meals Mean Healthy Kids

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Eating Together Raises Academic Success; Decreases Risky Behaviors
Kathy A. Stump

Frequent family meals help parents raise academically and socially successful, drug-free children. Family meals also reduce obesity and the risk of depression.

Finally – the secret is out – parents now have the key to raising healthy, successful children. The key — eat dinner together!

Simple, right? Then, why do only half of American families regularly eat dinner together? And, when they do, 34% of those meals are fast food or takeout meals. Read the rest of this entry →

Eating Dinner, Family Style

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Making family meals a priority will benefit you and your kids.
By Kristen Finello

Benefits of Dining TogetherThese days, getting the whole family around the table at the same time can require the scheduling prowess of an air traffic controller. With work, meetings, and after-school activities, sitting down to a family dinner can seem impossible. But it’s not — and it’s definitely worth the effort, because breaking bread together can benefit the entire family. Here’s how:

 According to researchers at Syracuse University, family routines such as eating dinner together nightly are associated with happier marriages, improved children’s health, and stronger family ties.

  • Family meals are the perfect time to teach kids good manners and to model appropriate table etiquette. Sharing pleasant conversation around the dinner table can also help improve a child’s social skills.
  • Dining together makes for healthier eaters. Kids who regularly eat with their families tend to have healthier eating patterns. They consume more fruits and vegetables and fewer fried foods, sodas, and saturated fat than kids who don’t share family meals, says the American Dietetic Association. Read the rest of this entry →
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