“Ever since we purchased the tableboard it has served my family well. It quickly became a big part for all our meals especially when we make pizza in our wood fired pizza oven. My children have a lot of fun putting their own toppings on our homemade pizza and they love trying each other’s pizza. Before I started using the tableboard I could only serve one of their pizzas at a time and they would wait patiently for the next pizza to arrive at the table. Now I pop 2 to 3 pizzas into the oven and serve them at the same time right from the oven to the tableboard and my husband and kids love it.”
Linda P.

“As a home chef, after a long work week I like having my foodie friends over on Friday night to my apartment to try out new food dishes and drinks. To be able to place both hot and cold pots, pans and dishes on the Tableboard so my friends can serve themselves is a wonderful benefit over the different cutting boards, hot plates and trivets I used to serve them with. I now have time to sit and not only enjoy the food but also my friends.”

“I would like to share my complete satisfaction with my Tableboard. Since the day I received it, it has remained on my dining table. I no longer use hot plates and when not being used for food, I keep plants on it as a centerpiece. It looks as beautiful as it is useful. I even use it to prop a book on when sitting at the table to read. Keeping it oiled retains the beauty and elegances it had the day I bought it and I love the fact that it is hand made in the USA.

Thanks Tableboard Co.!”

“My tableboard was waiting for me when I got home from vacation on Saturday. We could hardly get the suitcases in the door before I was tearing open the box! I have been looking for something like this for over a year, and I had resigned myself to getting something custom made. Our kitchen Island has a marble countertop that was getting really marked up from food and wet bottles and glasses being set down (it is directly across from the fridge and bar area) It is also where I set up the buffet when we have guests. Tableboard to the rescue! There it sits, looking gorgeous all while protecting the marble. It is very well made and sturdy and I really appreciate the cork pads on the bottom of the feet. I couldn’t be more pleased with it and highly recommend the Tableboard. I am looking forward to many years of happy use.”
Ruth, New Orleans LA US

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